Social Media Marketing

Social Media represents a great opportunity for small businesses to gain exposure within their markets, acknowledge customers about their current products and services, target information towards a specific audience and increase traffic to their websites.

Australians are amongst the savviest social media users in the world. Australian consumers are now starting to reject businesses which do not have an online social media presence. This has lead to customers voting with their feet and giving companies with a social media strategy a big advantage.

So, why should you adopt a social media strategy if you are a small business?

First of all, it’s inexpensive. As a small business, it is assumed that you cannot designate a huge amount of money on marketing activities and promotions. Well, you don’t need to make significant expenses to implement a social media strategy – signing up for most social media networks is free!

Social networks allow you to showcase your products and services to a targeted audience (i.e. your contact network) and constantly promote your latest business’ products, events and activities through Facebook and Twitter allowing you to reach customers directly.

According to the new Sensis eBusiness results, 60% of companies who have adopted social media and digital marketing operations reported a positive impact of this to their business. The other 40% of companies reported a neutral impact to their business. In other words, in the worst case scenario, social media activities will not produce any significant impact onto your business; however, this outcome could change by developing an effective digital marketing plan including social media, SMS, direct mail, among others.

In addition, social media activities are easy to manage. You don’t need to be an experienced marketing specialist to run through the main social media networks and use them to promote your business or keep in contact with your network. However, it is important to dedicate time to work on social media activities within your business and update the content of these sites constantly.

Social media activities can also generate returns of investment, if implemented properly.

So, if you are a small business that is not intending to use social media strategies for your business, you should reconsider it. More and more businesses are now discovering the benefits of online marketing activities and achieving positive outcomes from them.