Marketing Plan

Co-ordinate Your Marketing Plan

When building your marketing plan, it is important to utilise the right marketing tools so that you can achieve your business plan goals. Rather than depending on only one tool, you need to cohesively combine a range of methods to achieve the greatest success. There are many marketing tools and marketing strategies which you can successfully integrate to make your business grow. However, creating a profitable mix can take time, experimentation, measurement and plenty of planning. 

Is It The Right Mix For Your Target Market?

Some issues that need to be considered include ensuring each and every tool being used contains the same message, that your target market is comfortable with the methods chosen, and that your ‘target market’ actually needs or wants your product or service – perhaps your true ‘target market’ has different characteristics to the group you have been chasing. 

A Great Marketing Strategy, A Great Marketing Plan, A Great Future

If you want your business to be all it can be, then you need to have an integrated and co-ordinated marketing plan. Every high achieving business or individual has a marketing plan that is constantly fine-tuned to achieve each defined goal.

Align Your Marketing Strategy

Each marketing plan has several focus areas. The general market needs to have been analysed and needs a clear and defined marketing objective. These need to be aligned with the business. From there a marketing strategy is built to achieve these business objectives.

When considering your marketing strategy, it’s important that it looks at all aspects of your business marketing. This includes your physical marketing, marketing brochures and people-approach and also a review of the online marketing plan and online marketing strategy. These must be co-ordinated, consistent and all work together with the common aim of achieving your business’ specific marketing objective.

Marketing Planning Is Not So Hard

The marketing plan is not fixed, but a living document that changes and grows with the needs and requirements of your business. Marketing plans need to be both flexible and determined to give your business focus and deliver a consistent message and achieve pre-determined goals.

Targeted Marketing To Get You Top-Of-Mind

Targeted Marketing involves finding the right people in each targeted area and sending them highly focussed direct mail to raise awareness of your business and get you to a TOP-OF-MIND position. Being in a top-of-mind position means that whenthese people are ready to buy, they will remember your business and contact you.

Create Trust And An Ongoing Relationship

It is important to remember that targeted marketing is an ongoing, multi-step process, which to work, requires the development of a trusting relationship between you and your customers. With the right strategy, effective and focussed targeted marketing can reap profitable rewards.

BeRight can help with each step of your targeted marketing. For example:

  1. Develop opportunities to help you create a targeted contact database. 
  2. Create a focussed Direct Mail letter specifically designed to raise awareness and generate a particular response from your identified target audience.
  3. Define an ongoing, multi-media communications strategy suitable for your business and resources