How to increase sales of your product

Most business owners I talk to about marketing echo the same sentiment that goes something like this: “If I sit down face to face with a prospect, I’ll almost certainly end up doing business with them. The problem I have is getting before qualified prospects”

Does this sound familiar to you? Is your ability to generate business hindered by the lack of having qualified prospects on a regular basis? If so I have good news for you- The good news is that there are much better ways to predictably and consistently generate sales leads using both the Internet as well as offline methods.

And the best part of this is that as a small business owner you can run your lead generation process on “autopilot” so that you can spend more time performing high-value tasks like selling to qualified prospects and less time on low-value activities such as prospecting and administrative tasks (e.g. sending out sales literature).

The Biggest Mistake In trying to increase sales

Generating more leads often comes down to understanding a concept called the trust threshold as illustrated in the figure below.

The major hurdle to overcome in order for them to call you is lack of trust. This lack of trust has two components- prospects don’t trust and believe themselves and they don’t trust and believe you.

Moreover, most of them are just not ready to buy. They are simply looking for information with which to make a decision at some future date.

The main reason why many internet-based lead generation campaigns as well as offline campaigns generate only a fraction of their potential returns is because they ask too much of the prospect. They put prospects way outside their comfort zone by asking them to contact them directly, despite the fact this trust hurdle has not been overcome.

Such a increase sales process makes it difficult for prospects to contact you. They simply don’t know enough about you and what you offer so why should they listen to you or how you can help?

Besides, since at any one time most of your prospects are not ready to buy, why should they ever bother to contact you?

By marketing in this way whether it be on your website or elsewhere, you’re effectively cutting yourself off from a large proportion of your potential market. This alone will throttle your sales because often you need to at least talk with a prospect to understand their needs and explain how your solution benefits them.

If you can’t get prospects to make contact with you there is no way you can help them- a catch 22 situation!

So what is the solution for increasing sales?

Break your online and offline processes into multiple steps. Rather than asking your prospects to go in one step out of their current comfort zone (by insisting they contact you right away) to the comfort zone they need to contact or buy from you, try breaking this one step into a series of steps to match the “comfort zone” of your prospects as shown in the figure below

One of the best ways to do this is to give away something FREE – a report or audio/video records that would only be of interest to someone who has a need for your product or service either now or at some future date. The subject of your free offering should relate to how your product or service can solve your clients’ problems.

Then rather than asking prospects to make a big first commitment by contacting you, simply ask for their email address and contact details in exchange for the FREE gift. Once you have their contact details you can then break your sales process down into a series of baby steps as shown in the figure above.

The Power Of This Approach and a big step to increase your sales

You spend much less on marketing because now you only have to “sell” your Free Report or other opt-in offering rather your product or service

Prospects are more likely to respond because it’s much easier to request a Free Report or CD than it is to enquire about your product and risk getting a sales barrage.

This approach encourages only targeted prospects to identify themselves to you so you can focus your lead nurturing and selling efforts on only those people who are most likely to buy. This gives the prospects greater comfort because they now have more control over the buying process.

Once prospects give you their email address you are then able to easily follow up with them overtime. It takes 9 or more contacts to sell a complex product or service.

The best part is that the whole followup system can be automated using an autoresponder system online(for about 25 dollars a month) or have a mail house systematically mail out your communication or you can even have a combination of both online as well as offline mailing.

This means that once the system is set up you save considerable time on managing follow ups and what are called lead “nurturing” activities. This is probably one of the biggest reasons for leads dropping by the wayside.

So now you have prospects coming to you, rather than you chasing them. You get to deal with a more educated potential buyer who trusts you and understands the value you offer. There’s very little “selling” involved.

By breaking your marketing process into pieces, you’ll find that you’re able to attract many more qualified prospects and convert a higher percentage into clients. Once you know your ratios at each stage of the process you can pretty much predict within a reasonable variance the number of new clients you are going to attract each month and definitely see a progress of increasing sales.

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