How to Make Money Fast in Australia

Everyone of us wants to make money fast and easy,

What is your reason?

Holiday, cutting the expenses, killing the debts or just maybe to have savings for the future or something else? Doesn’t matter, goal is the same, make fast money.

Bear with me…..

So, you are not rich, and you are not living a life like a “Hollywood star”, then you are welcome to learn how to make money fast in Australia.

Let’s try to boost your savings or help you to reach your goals.

Buckle up folks.

Mystery Shopper

Mystery Shoppers earn from $25 to $30 per hour. This job requires good communication and written skills.

To become a Mystery Shopper you can apply through or just do your search on Google how to become a Mystery shopper .

One of the companies who provide Mystery Shopper service is Creative Activation

You will get the full instructions on how to accomplish your tasks successfully.

Ask for raise

The good thing is you are putting the same amount of time, but with the desire to get more money. It can be awkward to ask your employer for higher paycheck but nevertheless, be determined and do what you must do if your aiming extra money.

Want the advice? Prepare for some good arguments and reasons why you deserve a pay rise.

Freelancing – work at home

Freelancing, or how we like to call it; income freedom.

Paradise for Australians and rest of the world.

If you are skilled in something lets say; writing, web-design, programming, marketing, admin works etc.. You are in the right place for making your freedom income or at least extra earnings.

Does that sound interesting? Register to UPWORK, setup your profile and start quoting the jobs.

Fiverr is another great website which gives you the opportunity to express your skills and profit easily.

Just to note: It is not easy. Getting the first job is matter of luck and how good is your proposals are.

You need to convince the job poster, why to choose you over the other candidates. We will write more in depth details about freelancing in the future. Stay tuned.

Blog (blogging)

The famous blogger J.Money makes over $40000 per month just writing his blogs daily. As simple as that? Well, it can be yes or no.

These days creating the blog is very easy using popular CMS ( content management system) platforms. One of the most popular is called WordPress.

All you need to do is install the template, make few changes and voila, you can start blogging.

Question is how do you make money from it?

Here is how:

  1. Choose your niche, this will depend of your interests.
  2. Create a unique content, at least 2 articles per week ( minimum 800 words – but do not forget quality in the first place )
  3. Bring traffic to your blog
  4. Place affiliate links or GoogleAds on your blog
  5. Enjoy your extra income

Some bloggers earn more than $10000 per month, but to get there, you need to put in a big fat effort.


If you are experienced in your field, start teaching others and make an extra profit.

Advertise your coaching all over the internet or you can use an old good traditional word-of-mouth type of marketing.


Whether you decide to choose High School students or adults, monetise your expertise by sharing your knowledge. As we mentioned above, create a website or a blog and promote your skills to others online.

Local newspapers or radio stations are another good way of shout-outs.

Online courses

Start to instruct your expertise with websites like Udemy or Linda. More information you can find on Google or Youtube.

Temporary worker

The best way to find these kind of jobs is visiting websites for employment such as indeed or seek. Many companies need temporary workers,
so try to catch your luck there.

Use your creativity

Are you good at knitting, making wooden toys or beautiful jewelries? if yes, then Etsy is the right place for you.
You can become the big name and earn tons of money doing crafting and selling online and eventually expand through Instagram, Facebook or even your own web-page!

Be a tourist guide in your own city

Are you living in a place full of tourist attractions? here is the chance to organise yourself by simply picking the best places put them on the list and start advertising your tourist guide services to foreigners.

Don’t have a transport vehicle? Not to worry just focus on CBD Area and show the best of it.

Mobile Chef

If you have cooking skills why not become a mobile chef, offering your specialities to events or private parties and get paid.

Become a driver

Everyone has heard of Uber or Ola. Do you have a vehicle not older than 10 years then apply and start making some extra money by
driving people to places. Another option;if you have a motorbike or bicycle, Uber and Deliveroo now offer food delivery partnership.

Washing cars for money

Go to your local petrol station and ask around if they want to get their car washed for cash.

Minimum investment is required for cleaning equipment.

Dog walker

If your an animal lover, you can offer dog walking services to families, friends, neighbours or your local community. Social Media
is a great way of advertising this service.

Waiter or Bartender

Work over the weekends in your favorite cafe or pub. Ask the owner to put you on casual or so employment and start making your bucks.
It worked for me when I was a student.

Make Money Fast – extra income

Cater waiter service

Check the offers from the local companies for a Cater Waiter position and start contacting them.
Nice amount of money can be earned in this way.

House Cleaning

Go to classified ads websites and offer your cleaning services it can be a cash in hands kind of job. Minimum investment required.

Mow lawns, landscaping

Again, you can ask friends, family or neighbors if they are willing to hire your services.


Babysitting can be hard work but fulfilling, if your the type who likes baby sitting then its a good opportunity for making extra cash.


If you’re a photographer, promote your skills for events, weddings, baptising or any other celebrations.
Make your portfolio site or sell your images to popular photo stock websites like Fotolia and ShutterStock.

Street Musician

Are you skilled in singing or playing any instrument? Go outside and make people happy they will tip you.
Sing or play your favorite songs and make your money today.

Be a delivery person

Delivery for other people. Offer your delivery services by handing in flyers around your neighbour.

Promote your products on the street

You can sell your hand craft products on the street. Contact your shire for more details.

Rent your car

Use Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree and rent your car to others.


If you have an extra room, or even better the whole house to rent. Why not use AirBnb and make some serious money. There are lots of examples
where people who made over $100 000 per year just from renting.

Online Surveys

Survey Websites want your opinion, spend some time answering their questions and you get paid.

Try companies like:

Medical researching

Medical research are known where you are getting paid as a subject in medical experiments. People who did this claim to be safe. Its approved by the Australian government.

Sell your Stuff

Need to get rid of clothes or stuff ? Take a great photo, provide a nice long description and price accordingly.
Literally anything you can sell today, every item has a buyer on Ebay, Facebook market, Gumtree and so on.

Buy low, sell high

I’m not talking about stock market, It’s about export products from China
For cheaper price and selling on Facebook marketplace for higher. Research is the key in this situation, find the profitable product.

Garage Sale

When was the last time you checked your garage? Sell all yours unwanted stuff, my friend made around $1500 last weekend just in his Garage sale.

Sell your hair

Visit your local hair dress salon and offer them your hair. If you have a quality hair, many salons are ready to give you
the big bucks.

Sell your gold and silver

If you have any old golden chains and jewelries you do not need, sell it.
Here is a very important advise: know the purity and weight of your jewellery. Find out who gives the most money and go home with some extra cash.

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