Digital Marketing

The face of Digital Marketing has changed significantly in recent years and will continue to evolve as technology changes. Put simply Digital Marketing is a marketing process used to promote an organisation or brand that relies on a digital channel such as the internet to promote a website, blog and social media.

With over 700 million active websites and an estimated annual growth rate of 11.2% it is not hard to understand why search engines like Google have grown in acceptance and become part of our day-to-day lives.

Because we live in a digital age, there is not a business out there today that operates without having a web presence. While it has become very easy to launch a websites, blogs or engage with Social Media to ensure an online presence, being found on the internet is becoming harder every year.

The challenge for Search Engines is placing every websites into different categories, ranking them comparatively, refining the list of most relevant websites down to a handful of screens while presenting the 10 most relevant websites for every keyword search onto page one.

While this task is enormously complicated the task of website owners is to ensure they have done everything they need for search engines find them in the first instance and then to rank them as one of the top ten websites.

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